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Wireless charging is an emerging technology. It transmits power through an air gap to many electrical devices, mainly mobile devices for energy replenishment. Basically, the attempt is to create the charging process easy and user-friendly by removing the physical cable connection between the mobile and therefore the cable. There has been a growing need in the wireless field because it has enormous benefits just like the user doesn’t must carry a mobile charger with him/her, no must keep mobile devices just about charging socket as wires have a shorter length.

Wireless charging is convenient when electrical contacts aren’t acceptable and…

A multitude of techniques is used to summarize text, each having varying levels of precision. While it can’t be said that one technique is objectively ‘best’, we go for the ones that are more likely to produce a coherent and brief summary without losing the originality and idea in the unsummarized text.

Broadly speaking, there are two major ways in which text can be summarized — extractive & abstractive.

Extractive Summarization

Extractive summarization means identifying important sections of the text and generating them verbatim producing a subset of the sentences from the original text; while abstractive summarization reproduces important material…

JavaScript is one in all the foremost popular languages on the net. although it absolutely was initially developed only for web content, it’s seen exponential growth within the past twenty years.

Now, JavaScript is one of the basic requirement to design a graded UI/UX application and web user interface.

One of the explanations for its popularity is the availability of an oversized number of frameworks and libraries. they create development much easier compared to traditional Vanilla JS development.

There are libraries for pretty much anything and more are popping out almost daily. But with such a big amount of libraries…

Atheism, in general, the critique and denial of metaphysical beliefs in God or spiritual beings. As such, it’s usually distinguished from theism, which affirms the fact of the divine and infrequently seeks to demonstrate its existence. Atheism is additionally distinguished from agnosticism, which leaves open the question whether there’s a god or not, professing to search out the questions unanswered or unanswerable.

The dialectic of the argument between sorts of belief and unbelief raises questions concerning the foremost perspicuous delineation, or characterization, of atheism, agnosticism, and theism. it’s necessary not only to probe the warrant for atheism but also carefully…

In natural language processing, the Seq2Seq model is one of the important model to process the language. In the model, the encoder reads the input sentence once and encodes it. At each time step, the decoder uses this embedding and produces an output. But humans don’t translate a sentence like this. We don’t memorize the input and try to recreate it, we are likely to forget certain words if we do so. Also, is the entire sentence important at every time step, while producing every word? No. Only certain words are important. Ideally, we need to feed in only relevant…

For the last four years, Smedian has tracked over thousands of Medium publications on its leaderboards of the foremost followed and fastest-growing publications. The platform reports what percentage followers each publication has, which topics they specialize in, and the way fast they’re growing. It’s been the source of study by many. However, it’s one point of failure at this time: it doesn’t yet distinguish between the active and inactive publications. I want to gather a continuously updated list of Medium’s most-followed and active publications that also accept submissions from new writers. We’ll be revising this list monthly to create sure…

Q-learning is an off-policy reinforcement learning algorithm that seeks to seek out the simplest action to require given this state, hence it’s a greedy approach. It’s considered off-policy because the q-learning function learns from actions that are outside this policy, like taking random actions, and thus a policy isn’t needed. More specifically, q-learning seeks to find out a policy that maximizes the overall reward. Let’s plow ahead and develop our first strategy.

What is Q-learning?

Q-learning could be a model-free reinforcement learning algorithm to find out the quality of actions telling an agent what action to require under what circumstances. It doesn’t require…

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is an encryption program that provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication. PGP is used for signing, encrypting, and decrypting texts, e-mails, files, directories, and whole disk partitions and to increase the security of e-mail communications.kbpgp is Keybase’s implementation of PGP in JavaScript. It’s easy to use, designed for concurrency, and stable in both Node.js and the browser. It’s actively maintained and yours forever under a BSD license.

Getting it

Zip file (for the browser)

For Node.js with NPM

npm install kbpgp

Source from github

git clone

Getting started


<script src="kbpgp-2.1.0.js"></script>


var kbpgp = require('kbpgp');


Before you can perform any crypto, you need a KeyManager.

A KeyManager contains a…

Concurrent PGP in JavaScript

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is an encryption program privacy and authentication for electronic communication. PGP is employed for signing encrypting, and decrypting texts, e-mails, files, directories, and whole disk partitions and to extend the safety of e-mail communications. PGP encryption uses a serial combination of hashing, data compression, symmetric-key cryptography, and eventually public-key cryptography; each step uses one amongst several supported algorithms. Each public key’s sure to a username or an e-mail address. the primary version of this method was generally called an online of trust to contrast with the X.509 system, which uses a hierarchical approach supported certificate authority…

In the past decade, new forms of communication, such as microblogging and text messaging have emerged and become ubiquitous. While there is no limit to the range of information conveyed by tweets and texts, often these short messages are used to share opinions and sentiments that people have about what is going on in the world around them.

Opinion mining (known as sentiment analysis or emotion AI) refers to the use of natural language processing, text analysis, computational linguistics, and biometrics to systematically identify, extract, quantify, and study affective states and subjective information. …

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